2017/2018 Season Update

Last season was a great one to say the least; snow, sunshine, and getting to take you all out into the backcountry. I was honored to be able to share that experience with a great number of you. 

This ski season has been off to a very slow start in the Steamboat Springs area, but with a great deal of snow in the past week or so; we are finally up and skiing.

Unfortunately, with our business this winter we were not allotted a backcountry permit for the 17/18 season. Last season we were given a temporary season permit which gave our business a chance at showing you all the adventures awaiting in the backcountry. Below is some information from the US Forest Service to better help you understand as to why we are not able to take guests out touring this season. 

"I am notifying you that there will not be any temporary backcountry skiing permits available for anyone this coming winter. Your winter business from last year stirred up a number of people who have been waiting for backcountry skiing permits; there are now many folks interested in the few days available. In the interest of transparency and fairness these days will not be allotted. Should there be an offering for backcountry ski days in the future I will make sure you are aware of the prospectus process." 

We greatly appreciate everyone who has already reached out this season with interest in booking a tour. We hope that you will continue to reach out into the backcountry skiing industry and keep your eyes out for us in the 18/19 season. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you understand as we have applied in multiple forests to try and provide a great experience for you all.